NFHS CC/Track Jewelry Rule 2015


The NFHS Track and Field Rules are implemented for the spring 2015 season by the NFHS calendar. They do not apply to the fall 2014 cross country season even though the rule book is combined with track and field. That being said, this rule, like any other, could be modified by the state association and such modification would need to be reported to the NFHS. At this time, the State CIF Cross Country/Track & Field Advisory Committee has recommended that the jewelry rule, which has been removed by the NFHS for the 2015 track season, also be removed for the 2014 cross country season. The State office has concurred with the advisory committee and has notified the NFHS of our intent to waive the jewelry rule for the 2014 cross country season.

Please advise your Section meet directors regarding the change in the NFHS jewelry rule for the 2014 cross country season. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Brian Seymour
Senior Director
State CIF Office
4658 Duckhorn Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834