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D5 Fall River vs Portola Program 

D4 Colusa vs Pierce Program

D3 Orland vs University Prep Program

D2 Foothill vs Pleasant Valley Program 


Soccer Championship Program:  pdf

Soccer Championship Program:  word.doc

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FINANCIAL REPORTS: ~ Due within 15 day of game

  1. Basketball Financial Report 
  2. Football Financial Report
  3. Soccer
  4. Baseball Financial Report
  5. Softball Financial Report
  6. Swimming Financial Report
  7. Volleyball Financial Report
  8. Wrestling Divisions Financial Report 
  9. Wrestling Masters Financial Report
  10. Track Financial Report
    Track Competitor List
  Acceptable Passes at Section Playoffs: 22-23 - School Pass not good at Playoffs
  1. No Guest Lists beginning 2020

  2. Welcome Announcement Script - To be read at each playoff event

  3. SPONSOR PA ANNOUNCMENTS read at Championships

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