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2018-19 Designation of CIF Rep to League


** Fire Eligibility Displacemnt Waiver Form, Fall 2018

 AD Workshop Documents 2018 


Unattached Competition Rules Adivisory - Bylaws 215. 600, 702 - ALERT!

8th Grade Recruiting/Advisory Information - click here!

#2 InSideOut Initive Training:  May 10, 2018 in Sacramento 

InSideOut Initive - Ticket Purchase Link.  

NFHS- Positive Sport Parenting Course 

Link to NFHS Courses: Coach, Parent Administration 

Title IX: Red Bluff Joint Unified School District Presentation, 2018

InSideOut Inititive - @ Levi Stadium.  February 20, 2018 NFL - 49er Collaboration 

NEW Multi Campus Agreement, 2018-19 deadline May 31, 2018 

RENEWAL of annual Multi Campus Agreement, 2018-19 deadline May 31, 2018

Venue Panoramic Camera - Pixelott/NFHS  

2018 CSADA Conference in San Francisco-April 19-22nd



*  CIF Designation of Representative to Leagues, 2017-18  Due in Section Office June 30

* Multi Campus New and Renewal, due in Section office May 31, 2018

* GoFan/Huddle Ticket partner 

Inclusive-Wheelchair and Ambulatory Track and Field Events 

*  Life time Pass information.  Go to Forms for the Life Time Pass Application 

*  Championship Ring Orders 2017 

* State CIF Participation Survey - Please update on line - State CIF 

Regional CIF Basketball Playoff Information! 

* NSCIF/NSADA All-Pro Athletic Directors recognition.  Click for form (which is in sign-in format), so you can easily mark/sign off the items you have completed.  We hope you will all take this chance to be recognized for your hard work and have a chance at FREE registration at next year’s NSADA Conference on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at the Redding Holiday Inn.  Randy Gilzean  (530)891-3050 ext. 227

*   Title IX - Guide to Equity handbook 

* Nominate Student Athletes to the Semper-Fidelis All-American Program - click here 

2017-18 Basketball Officials Mileage Billing Calculation 

2017-18 VB & FB Regular Season Officials Mileage Calculation